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String Groups

The Mendelssohn String Quartet is our featured string ensemble.  They are fabulous sounding and wonderfully professional.  They have been one of the most popular groups in the Lake Tahoe Area for over a decade and now we are fortunate enough here at Premier Music to have them as our exclusive string ensemble.  They also provide our classical String Trios, Violin and Cello Duos, and string Soloists.

Prices for a full ceremony, 1 hour total time, including prelude or postlude music and any music you choose for your ceremony:  $300 for soloists, $475 for duos, $600 for trios, $725 for quartets. Harpists are $100 more than other soloists, due to their elaborate and expensive harps that are difficult to transport.  Bagpipes are also $100 more than other soloists.  Some areas include a nominal travel fee. Additional hours for your cocktail hour or reception are half as much as the ceremony cost.

The Mendelssohn String QuartetRequests Pricing and Demo Recordings

The Mendelssohn String Quartet is our choice for string groups in the Lake Tahoe region.  They have done nearly all of our weddings and events that require strings over the past 7 years.  They can also be reduced to a String Trio for budget or space considerations while essentially keeping the same sound.  They have a bright, well rehearsed sound, and are professional and easy to work with.  The Mendelssohn String Quartet works for us at a rate that makes them very affordable compared to other quartets of the same caliber.  Their experience makes them a pleasure to work with before and during the event.  By having the knowledge that all of your musicians and music details are taken care of, you can relax and enjoy yourself even more.

Duo's and Soloists
A duo such as Violin and Cello or Flute and Guitar can be intimate but still sufficient enough to give a feeling of grandure.  Don't worry about the volume level either.  If you are doing an outside wedding or even in a large church, instruments like flutes and violins were made to project sound extremly well.  Even a solo violinist can project beautiful tones throughout the largest churches.  Solo Classical Guitar paired with a Flutist or Violinist can be heart warming, give a classical and traditional feel, and give a great ambience to smaller, intimate weddings.  

Violin and Cello Duo
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The Mendelssohn String Group generously provides our Violin and Cello Duo.  This is a very high quality string duo, their tone is strong and beautiful.  Their attire is formal and elegant.  They are helpful with your song requests and are a pleasure to work with.  What more could you ask for?  This group is also great for the budget as well, because they are exclusive to us they have agreed to a price that is comfortable and reasonable to the consumers.  You can fill a large sized church, or out door venue with a wonderful string sound without breaking the bank.
Flute and Guitar Duo

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There's something magical about the singing tone of the flute over the playful and strong guitar.  Ideal for outside or mountain weddings.  Intimate and unique for traditional weddings in a church or event center.  You can choose any of the traditional songs or choose your favorite nontraditional wedding songs to give your ceremony music a personal touch.
Violin and Guitar Duo

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The authenticity of the violin makes all of the classical melodies sound like they should.  The guitar just adds a slightly different feel to the violin than the cello does.  You get a classic sound and a little bit of uniqueness at the same time.  All of the traditional material can be performed, as well as non-traditional songs.
Harp and Flute Duo
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Harp and flute has become on of our favorites here at Premier.  We think you will see why once you hear the angelic mixture of sounds these two instruments make together.  Our harpists often have gold plated harps that cost thousands of dollars, making them beautiful to look at as well as to listen to.  Combine that with the gorgeous melodic ability of the flute and you have something that is totally unique sounding as well as classic and traditional.
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The first violinist from the Mendelssohn String Quartet will give you heart felt performances of all the classic wedding material, as well as the many brilliant violin solos available in the repertoire.  Unsure about traditional song selections?  Don't worry, Premier Music will give you suggestions and web links to help you decide on songs for the bridal party, your bridal march, the recessional and any other songs needed for your ceremony.  We will also keep track of all the decisions made so that there are no mistakes made on your wedding day.  Solo violin has plenty of volume and a bright brilliant tone, ideal for outdoor and smaller weddings.  It adds that bit of charm and intimate touch you may be looking for, without breaking the bank.

Classical Harp
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Anne Roos is our primary harpist in the Tahoe area.  We also have many back ups that are considered to be the absolute best professionals in the Lake Tahoe region.  All of our harpists have years of experience with weddings and events.  Many of them tour internationally as soloists as well as perform with many of the local symphony orchestras.  Not only do these harpists bring wonderful sounds to a room but their harps are breath-taking, many are gold plated with baroque design, they are wonderful to look at and wonderful to listen to.

Classical or Jazz  Guitar

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Classical Guitar is excellent for weddings, cocktail hours, dinners and formal events.  Premier Music Source has a great interest in having phenomenal classical guitarists.  Classical guitar produces a wonderful soothing, elegant sound and is able to play all the classical material that other classical instruments play.  The guitarists we have are very experienced and will provide discrete speaker systems if necessary to produce the right kind of sound for larger wedding and event groups.


Requests Pricing and Demo Recordings

Premier Music takes great pride in their pianists.  There is such a great pool of talent available that our performers had to rise to the top of some stiff competition.  Ultimately we gained a small team of performers where each performer has predominate strengths in either classical, jazz, or popular music.  So if you order a Classical Pianist from us, your performer will have probably one multiple competitions and accolades from the classical community, has their own solo career taking place, and is considered to be a seasoned, experienced professional.  If you order a Jazz Pianist from us then you will get someone who is a skilled performer at swing, standards, modern jazz, and all the other eras and styles of jazz.  Many of our pianists can literally play any style there is, Broadway, popular, swing, classical, you name it they can play it.  For purchase over the web we have created the categories of Jazz Pianist, Classical Pianist, and Pop Pianist, but gives you an opportunity for further examination, if you want a pianist that can mix certain styles for different aspects of your events.